Children need an aspect of their lives where they feel powerful, creative, and in control.  Kids need a chance to be social and to play. 

What if a program existed that recognized that powerful, expressive, creative children empowered to play and make decisions was not only an effective learning model but was also a highly successful one? Why, that program would be Rock and Roll Academy, of course!

Now in its 14th year, RRA after school sessions are offered in the Fall (September-December) and the Spring (January-May). The weekly sessions, open to all kids in Telluride and surrounding areas, are offered in 90-minute slots between 3:30 and 8:00pm. Bands meet in the RRA studio located inside Telluride Mountain School. Bands, formed by age group, navigate and collaborate from first classes to full-blown rock concert performance at the Sheridan Opera House. 

RRA helps develop young people socially and emotionally as well as musically. Over 3,000 students have participated in Telluride's flagship musical program!